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OCPA Impact releases 2015 legislative scorecard

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At OCPA Impact, we recently announced the release of our scorecard for Oklahoma’s 2015 legislative session.

Our intent is that the scorecard would reflect the vantage point of a growth-minded Oklahoma taxpayer. To view the scorecard, please click here.

The scorecard, produced by OCPA Impact, focuses on how Oklahoma state legislators voted during the 2015 legislative session on key bills related to issues of economic freedom, free enterprise, individual opportunity, limited state government and federalism.

OCPA Impact is a 501(c)4 advocacy organization. We work daily at the Oklahoma Capitol while the Legislature is in session as the action partner of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, the state’s free-market think tank.

Over the course of the 2015 legislative session, we notified legislators when bills were added to the watch list for potential use on the scorecard. We tracked and scored committee and floor votes on the bills included. To view the results, please click here.

The scorecard is just one of our efforts at OCPA Impact to help Oklahoma become the absolute best state for working families, taxpayers and entrepreneurs and to keep our state’s economy growing in the right direction.