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Read the briefs: Our challenge of Boren tax increase’s constitutionality

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On Thursday, Nov. 12, we filed a challenge with the Oklahoma Supreme Court that Initiative Petition 403–University of Oklahoma President David Boren’s sales tax increase proposal–violates the state Constitution’s single-subject rule.

Immediately after filing the challenge, we held a press briefing outside the Oklahoma Judicial Center, which houses the state Supreme Court. Below, please find all four items we distributed to members of the press at the briefing:

-Application to resume original jurisdiction (filed Nov. 12 with Oklahoma Supreme Court)

Brief in support of application to resume original jurisdiction (also filed Nov. 12 with Oklahoma Supreme Court)

-Press release

-One-pager outlining our alternative proposal for funding $5,000 pay raises for all current Oklahoma classroom teachers and hiring 1,000 additional teachers — without a tax increase and without hurting core state government services, such as education, roads, bridges, infrastructure, public safety or the safety net for the truly less fortunate

2015.11.12 Application to Assume Original Jurisdiction (1)

2015.11.12 Brief in Support of Application to Assume Original Jurisdicti… (1)

OCPA Impact petition challenge press release 11 12 2015

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