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State Question 792: Modernization of Oklahoma’s alcohol sales laws

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State Question 792: Modernization of Oklahoma’s alcohol sales laws

If it passes (“YES” vote):

Oklahoma consumers would be able to purchase wine and high-strength beer in grocery and convenience stores, which would be a big plus for liberty. Want to be able to buy wine and six-point beer at the grocery store? Here’s your chance. The reform could result in certain grocers doing business in Oklahoma after holding out for years because of the state’s longstanding prohibition on grocers offering such products. As well, certain beers that have not previously been offered in Oklahoma for similar reasons – Fat Tire, anyone? – could now become available from in-state retailers. Also, traditional liquor stores would be able to refrigerate products, as well as offer products they are currently prohibited from selling, such as mixers, corkscrews, and the like.

If it fails (“NO” vote):

The status quo for Oklahoma’s alcohol retail laws would remain in place. To be sure, if passed, SQ 792 would result in disruption within Oklahoma’s alcohol industry. Some are concerned that passage of SQ 792 could result in unintended negative consequences in the price point charged by distributors, particularly in how this might affect the restaurant industry. Still, if SQ 792 fails to pass, the ability of Oklahoma citizens to access a host of products would continue to be restricted.