Empower Oklahomans to eliminate our state’s barriers to growth and opportunity.

About OCPA Impact

OCPA Impact’s mission is simple: Empower Oklahoma taxpayers and families to apply appropriate pressure on their state lawmakers to remove our state’s remaining barriers to job growth, business growth and individual opportunity.

Oklahoma can become the best state in America in which to live, build a career, grow a business, raise a family and pursue prosperity. But we must continue expanding economic freedom in Oklahoma and limiting the burden of state government. OCPA Impact is designed to be the megaphone for Oklahomans to send this message to their state lawmakers.

As a 501(c)4 nonpartisan organization, we work every day at OCPA Impact to turn free-market, limited-government ideas from groups like the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs into reality.

Our top priorities are for Oklahoma to continue responsibly reducing its “penalty on work” – the state income tax – and for Oklahoma state government to practice better restraint, efficiency and prioritization in how it spends taxpayer dollars.